Wednesday, January 18, 2017
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Exhibition in Rome

From Corot to Monet. The symphony of nature” is certainly one of the most interesting cultural initiative for the spring of 2010 in Rome. The Vittoriano complex hosts an exhibition on the major French painters of the second half of the nineteenth century, who revolutionized the way of considering Art, and went down in history as Impressionist.

As you might infer from the title, the common thread of the exhibition is nature, and the unique way Impressionist were able to represent it, with short and thick strokes that aimed to capture the very essence of the subject.
About 170 works – paintings, vintage photos and works on paper – span a period that goes from the Barbizon school to the outstanding masterpieces by Monet, giving you the chance to see how their concept of art and nature developed across the years.

Such an intriguing collection of Impressionist stunning artworks have never been displayed before in Rome, and who knows when it will happen again. I would seize the opportunity!

Some useful information: 6th March – 29th June, 2010